Best Car wrapping in Chennai | Custom vinyl, Carbon fiber wraps | September 2023

GTR R35 - Custom wrapped by KinghtDCustomStudiio

Looking to customise or change the colour of your car? You can either repaint it by paying an hefty amount or get a vehicle wrap at affordable rates in Chennai.

In the past, wraps have been used mainly for advertisements but the trend has changed. Vehicle wraps are getting progressively famous by giving you that one-of-a-kind look.

7 Awesome reasons to wrap your car

  • Affordable cost
  • Customised digital prints
  • Quick delivery
  • Paint protection
  • Easily removable
  • Resale value
  • All eyes on your car ?

Are body wraps illegal in India?

As per the Section 52 of Motor Vehicle Act, wrapping your car is completely legal because is doesn’t involve changing the original colour of the car. We also know the fact that huge advertisement agencies put up their Ads as wraps on cars. But if you are planning to re-paint your vehicle in a new colour, you have to update the vehicle’s Registration Certificate by visiting the local RTO.

How to vinyl wrap your car?

Considering to vinyl wrap your car all by yourself? It’s not a very difficult DIY but requires a lot of time and patience. Follow the below steps to wrap smaller sections like side mirrors, roof tops etc., of your car. Although it’s recommend to get your entire car body wrapped by a professional. If you are living in and around Chennai, scroll down to find the best car wrap service based on our experience.

Car Roof Wrapping – DIY guide (tips):

Car roof wrapped by Knight Studio

Step 1: Pick the best quality wrap and tools for your car.

Measure the length and width of the area you wish to wrap. Multiply them to get the amount of material required. Always account for extra vinyl as mistakes might happen. Our recommendations for limited budget:

  1. Carbon Fiber wrap
  2. Car Wrap applicator
  3. Cutting knifes
  4. Heat gun (optional)

Step 2: Clean & Wash the area of Car Before Wrapping

This is one of the crucial steps before wrapping the area. Make sure the surface is free of all dirt, dust, debris, and imperfections. Use the best shampoo for degreasing and getting a neat surface.

Step 3: Cut Your Vinyl Wrap according to the area of application

Cut a few inches longer and wider than your measurements.

Step 4: Apply Vinyl Wrap to the Car

Remove the adhesive and place your wrap gently over the surface.

Step 5: Squeeze bubbles to the end!

Using the squeegee wrap applicator, remove all the air bubbles. Move in a single direction, starting from one end to the other.

Step 6: Remove extra wrap

Cut off the excess wrap and tuck the edges properly to get a proper and professional finish. Make sure not to scratch your car’s paint while cutting the wrap.

Step 7: Wrap it up!

If you are satisfied with the applied wrap, leave it for at-least a day before washing the area with water. Use a heat gun to set the wrap (optional)

Best Professional car wrapping service in chennai (Recommended)

If you decided to have your car wrapped professionally at pocket-friendly rates, we strongly recommend to get it done from KNIGHT D Custom Studiio. They offer wide variety of wrapping options ranging from Gloss, Matte, Satin, Chrome, Custom printed digital wraps. Their personnel are well trained and complete the work with at-most perfection. They wrap Bikes too! Hence, considering all the factors, we picked –

KNIGHT D Custom Studiio is the best place for car wrapping in Chennai.

Audi A6 wrapped in Gloss Nardo Grey by Knight D Custom Studiio

Cost of Car wrapping in chennai?

Usually, entire car wrapping cost ranges between ₹ 20k upto a lakh depending on the car and amount of work done. We recommend you to always get your entire car wrapped with the highest quality wraps in the market (3M or Avery Dennison). At the time of writing this post, following are the rates at KNIGHT D Custom Studiio.

CarPrice *
Hatchback / Compact Sedan₹ 25,000
Sedan / Compact SUV₹ 30,000
Premium Sedan / SUV₹ 35,000
Large SUV₹ 40,000
Bikes₹ 5,000

* Prices are indicative only and may subject to vary based on wrap colours, quality and finish.

Some of the best wraps by KNIGHT D Custom Studiio:

​Scroll right to see more..

Get your car wrapped now!

Get in touch with the folks at KNIGHT D Custom Studiio (Here). Also feel free to checkout their instagram for all the awesome works the’ve done.


  1. How long does a wrap on a car last?

    Usually in normal conditions, the lifespan of a car wrap is about 3-5 years.

  2. Is it cheaper to get a car wrapped or painted?

    A low quality paint job may be cheaper than a car wrap and might cost you 12k-18k. If you want a high quality original paint or matte finish or change your car's colour, painting your car will cost much higher than wrapping it. Also repainting your car is time consuming, reduces the re-sale value and requires a permission from RTO incase of a colour change.

  3. Do car wraps damage paint?

    NO! A Vehicle Wrap will not cause any damage to the original paint and In fact, the wrap will protect the car's paint surface and preserve the quality of the paint underneath

  4. Are vinyl wraps waterproof?

    Made from vinyl, car wraps are waterproof and can withstand heavy rains and pressure washers to an extent.

  5. Cost of car roof wrapping in Chennai?

    It ranges anywhere between 2k – 5k depending on the quality and finish of the wrap you choose.

  6. Does car wrapping void the warranty on a car?

    Not at all !
    vinyl wrap actually protects your car's paint, and is easily removable. Since the original paint of the car is still intact, all the warranties and insurance will be applicable as before.

  7. Can you repair vinyl wrap? Scratches and dents?

    Yes. car wraps are very easy to remove and install. So, incase a replacement is needed for damaged part, your car shouldn't be off the road too long.

Hope you found this post interesting and useful. Leave your queries in the comment section below, we would love to answer them.

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