Top 5 Best Car Wax in India – September 2023 (Updated)

Looking for the best car wax to buy in India ? Read below to find the updated list of best car wax for 2023.

In order to find the best car wax for making your car shine like a new one, we selected ten of the best-selling car waxes in India and ranked them in the top 5 list after testing them on hundreds of cars. At the end of the post, we have also listed the best practices that you can follow to get the best results with any car wax of your choice the list.

When we ranked the car waxes, we considered a lot of important aspects of car exterior details, such as gloss, ease of use, quality and price. We have also extensively tested its ability to resist long-term gloss and protect car paint so that we are able to determine the best overall car wax in India.

After several days of testing, considering the price and getting all the results for the above-mentioned aspects, 3M Auto Specialty Cream Wax is the best car wax in India. It has an extraordinary finish and is easy to apply. In addition, the price is also very reasonable. You can also try any of the car waxes listed below based on the colour of your car because they all give a shine very similar to 3M wax and were very close in competition.

Here, is the list of best car wax in India.

  1. 3M Auto Specialty Cream Wax
  2. Formula 1 Carnauba Paste Wax
  3. 3M Auto Specialty Liquid Wax
  4. Waxpol Silky Touch Liquid Wax Polish
  5. Formula 1 PREMIUM Fast Spray Wax

Best Car Wax in India (Top 5):

1.  3M Auto Specialty Cream Wax

Why do we like it?

We recommend this wax cream from 3M because it can be applied to all car types to maintain glossiness and also was top-rated in all our tests. It gave the best long-lasting shine to the car exterior and also gave protection from dust and atmospheric oxidation. Based on our usage it was very easy to use and this wax will give you a streak-free shine to your car, thus renewing the look of the car like a new one.

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2. Formula 1 Carnauba Paste Wax

Why do we like it?

Formula 1 wax was a close call in our tests and competed for neck-and-neck against 3M car wax. This carnauba wax by formula 1 provided very good long-lasting protection for paint finishes and in our testing proved to restore paint colour to an extent. Thanks to its advanced micro polisher, the wax helped to easily remove small scratches and smog and give the car a new shiny look. We recommend using this at room temperature to obtain a streak-free finish. It is designed to remove water droplets & spots on the exterior surface and last for many months.

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3. 3M Auto Specialty Liquid Wax

Why do we like it?

In our comparison, 3M liquid special car wax provided a high-gloss, streak-free finish to the car but be warned, it is not the easiest product to use for waxing your car when compared to other cream and liquid-based waxes on the list. This product forms a shield that can protect your car’s paint from harmful UV rays and pollution on the road and help maintain the beauty of your car. We recommend using it at the correct room temperature and with a little bit of patience to obtain the best result that can make your vehicle look like it came straight out of a showroom.

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4. Waxpol Silky Touch Liquid Wax Polish

Why do we like it?

We found the Waxpol liquid polish to be the most affordable product that gets the job done right! It provided a lasting high gloss shine and decent protection against dust, insects and oxidation. The best part of this product that we liked the most is that it produces a hydrophobic effect to repeal water i.e., after waxing if you pour water, it just slides away. This can be fairly easy to apply with foam, sponge or polish machine. According to our usage and experience, it was safe for all finishes, colours and varnishes. It can also be used in household appliances and bikes as well.

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5. Formula 1 PREMIUM Fast Spray Wax

Why do we like it?

We did list one formula 1 wax on the list here but this is another product that we highly recommend for beginners. This is the fastest and easiest way to obtain the gloss and protection of superpolymers. Just spray on all external surfaces except windows and wipe clean. In our tests, when sprayed on cars, the superpolymers in the liquid formed durable, transparent coatings on the surface that created a durable barrier against environmental damage. In long-term testing, the service life of Formula 1 cross-linked super polymer coating is on par with that of other waxes. Without much polishing effort, it can leave bright lustre and long-lasting protection too.

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Notable Mention: Sheeba All-in-One Multipurpose Liquid Polish

Why did we mention it?

While we wanted to only list the top 5 waxes, we couldn’t ignore this product. So we are giving a notable mention to Sheeba’s all-in-one multifunctional liquid polish. This product has enamel and a unique blend of ingredients that provides super-bright gloss and topcoat protection, leaving a high-shine finish on surfaces. In our tests, we tried to use it on various household appliances and on bikes where it left a long-lasting protective film that stayed for a long time protected the surface. It is also one of the most affordable polishes that you can buy to make any appliance or vehicle shine.

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FAQs about car waxes

  1. What is car wax made of?

    Wax refers to a hard hydrocarbon at room temperature usually from natural sources like leaves from the carnauba plant.

  2. What does car wax do?

    Car wax creates a barrier between the clearcoat and the outside world to protect it from nasty stuff in the air, UV rays, and water.

  3. When should you apply wax?

    We recommend waxing your car three to four times a year.

  4. Which car wax lasts the longest?

    While the answer depends a lot on the usage of your car and the location where you drive, we recommend going with formula 1 or 3M car wax as listed above.

  5. What happens if you wax your car too much?

    It will foam a thick layer on the paint surface that might cause permanent damage to the car's original paint. Too much is not recommended.

  6. Should I wax my car after every wash?

    No, there is no need to wax your car after washing it every time. We recommend waxing your car only 3-4 times a year.

  7. What happens if you never wax your car?

    You are letting the pollution and other harmful rays from the sun directly hit the car's surface. After some time, your car starts to look dull and old. Applying wax regularly will keep your car shining like a new one.

Step by step guide on How to wax your car the right way

Estimate Cost : INR

Time Needed : 3 hours

Here, are the steps to wax your car

  1. Wash your car first

    As the first step, make sure your car is clean and tidy. There is no point in waxing your car when the exterior surface is not clean.

  2. Touch the surface

    Yes, touch the paint surface and make sure it is cool. Do not wax immediately after you drove your car and the surface is still hot. Also, ensure that you are in a dust-free environment.

  3. Say No to direct sunlight.

    This is similar to our previous step – Always ensure to not wax your car in direct sunlight as it increases the temperature and dries the wax quick.

  4. Streak-free polish

    For best results, we recommend using the wax at room temperature. Wax that is too cold will leave streaks on your paint finish. The best time to wax your car is between 10 am-4 pm when the temperature is normal and there is less humidity in the atmosphere.

  5. More wax is not good

    Apply only a thin layer of wax as applying a thick layer of wax makes removal difficult and simply wastes the product. Yes, do not apply multiple coats of wax, hoping for better results.

  6. Small circular motions

    Apply the wax using a small, circular motion. Choose a small area first and take your time while applying car wax.

  7. Use a microfiber cloth

    Remove the wax from the surface of your car using a clean microfiber cloth. Do not apply too much pressure to remove the wax. Just a gentle wipe should do.

  8. Voila! You have a shiny car.

    Remember to not wash the car for at least 24hrs, after waxing.


Hope you found the best car wax in India 🙂

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This post was last modified on April 8, 2023

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